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The foundation plane of fire, or Ignus, is the commonly held as the source of fire and heat in the multiverse. What is slightly less know is that it is that this foundation plane is responsible for most chemical reactions as well, including oxidation, and cellular respiration. Life is possible where ever the astral plane of life touches, but it is made much easier in realms where Ignus touches. Life without fire is hard, and almost never progresses to sentience, mostly subsisting on a primitive form of photovoltaic energy.
Because chemical reactions do not occur without at least a tenuous connection to the plane of fire, metals do not rust, so some artificers use a demiplane without a connection to the plane of fire to store metal objects, or explosives, for long periods of time. However, although the lack of chemical reactions makes storage easy, it makes retrieval extremely dangerous, as the biochemical reactions in any errant Walker to step into the plane would die, as their blood would be unable to transfer oxygen to cells. Thus, these planes are locked down under the Hazard Accord, except for a few walkers.
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