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Hello hello, yes this is my sandbox. Upon wandering over here, you might have noticed that this is not a box and it does not have sand. Am I a liar then? Of course I am, I'm a writer! And this is where I write stuff.


The death of a god is a rare thing. It is the type of event that sends ripples through space and time, like waves on an ocean. A tragedy that permanently alters the flow of the universe, the direction of history. As gods are direct manifestations of a universal aspect, their demise marks the death of a concrete part of reality.

But oh, do not be mistaken and think that divinity is a peaceful existence. No, the gods can rarely stand each other. Stagnant in their essence, they work according to a specific set of rules and are incapable of change. A god of numbers may spend an eternity doing nothing but count, unaware and uncaring that there are other things to experience.

So, static as they are, when gods with opposing domains meet, it often leads to a violent skirmish that can continue for eons.

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