The Island of the Null

Some say that the mythical island of Grey Holm doesn't exist, but as we all know they're wrong. A.S lived and conducted his experiments there for god knows how long and he left behind nothing but his notations. The Null-element is everything and nothing at the same time, he says.

12 November 1880, Wednessday.

The Null-element continues to endeavour my mind
as I continue my research. It is slowly eating away
at my sanity, the loneliness and the cold of this
dreadful island are not for the faint of heart.
Fragments of raw Null-material can be used
as a source of anti-matter, I discovered this
one evening a fortnight of days prior to the
date I write this note as I was looking through
my microscope and saw small spontaneous
combustions. This has to be an effect of
antiparticles colliding with regular particles,
I thought to myself. I will continue my research
on the Null-element and write further notations
about what more I might find out about it.


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