Tesrec's Corner

Early morning comes
Flashlight, bag, hoodie
Into the trees
Leaves, sticks, stone
Into the clearing emerge
Sky, clouds, mystery
The concrete box lies silent
Cold, gray, stained
The door inside is locked
Rust, iron, bars
Swift kicks reveal the depth
Clang, crack, creak
The flashlight clicks on
Dark, pale, deep
Down into the depth
Cold, wet, echos
The forgotten box within
Wooden, ancient, sealed
Inside the box, the letter
Yellowed, cracked, stained
Her portrait inside
Smiling, watching, gone
Escape the dark
Climbing, clawing, sensing
The door swings open
Silence, stillness, soon
Night begins to fall
Creeping, watching, encircling
Running from the hunt
Breathing, panting, tripping
Behind a noise
Snapping, cracking, shuffling
A desperate dash for freedom
Fleeing, praying, crying
Break through to day
Home, safe, free
Stumble in
Sleep, rest, secure
Early morning comes
Flashlight, bag, hoodie

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