The Dawn

As the sun rose, the boy awoke and greeted the day. He always found mornings to be so peaceful. He looked around his small room, pleased to see that everything was still in order.

"Enkidu! Wake up!" His mother exclaimed. "You're breakfast will get cold." She said.

Enkidu lept out of bed, and rushed down the stairs.As he made it to the bottom of the stairway, he could see his mother and father sitting and waiting for him in the dining room.

"Good morning, Mom, Father." Enkidu said in a shy, yet respectful tone.

Enkidu sat down in his chair.
"So how was sword practice?" Enkidu's mother asked excitedly. "Did you learn anything?"

"It was fine." Enkidu said. "I didn't learn much. Since the old man is such a lousy instructor."

"Mind your tongue boy." The father said.
Enkidu shrunk in his seat, unable to rebuttal.

"I'm just glad nobody got hurt." The mother said sweetly.

"Enkidu, you are going to tend to the crops today. Do you inderstand?"

Enkidu nodded his head obediently and said in a soft voice "yes father."

Enkidu changed into his work clothes and went outside to tend to the fields. As Enkidu worked on the fields, he began to grow impatient.

"I wish the sun would go down already, I grow bored of looking at this field."

As Enkidu worked on the fields, Enkidu's mother said "you know you should be more lenient with him."

"You know we can't afford that." The father said. "The kingdoms are gathering for war. I can't waste anymore time."

"How do you know that?" The mother questioned.

"Have you not seen what happens at night! The attack flares that go off, or the sirens screaming, or the soldiers marching! War is coming!" The father exclaimed in anger.

"No I do not see them." The mother said. "Nor do I hear them. I am not a soldier, I cannot tell when these things occur. I am not like you, I do not have the power you wield, to be able to see the things that you have. What I do know however, is that I am a mother, that has a wonderful son."

"Look he's a growing boy, he needs his father not a soldier. You need to be there for him, for both of us." His mother said. "Maybe show him a magic spell or two, he might finaly learn something."

"Fine, and I'm sorry I snapped at you. I am just afraid." The father said.

"I know, so am I." The mother said
As Enkidu was tending to the fields, he could hear his father call out to him.
"Enkidu! Come here boy." His father shouted.

"Coming father." Enkidu responded.
"Father, what do you need?"

"Come with me, son." His father said.
Enkidu and his father walked into the forest.

"Son I am going to show you some magic. Ok?" The father said.

"I understand father." Enkidu responded.

Enkidu's father opened his hand, and raised his arm. A circle of red light began to form at the center of the father's palm, followed by more shapes within the circle. Then what seemed to be a small ball of fire, formed at the center of the circle.

"Son watch closely." As he said that, he launched the ball of fire at a tree. The ball burned a massive hole straight through the tree.

"Whoah, what was that?" Enkidu said in excitement.

"That son, was magic. Today I am going to teach you some magic." The father said.

"Alright Enkidu, the first thing to learn about magic is where does it come from." The father said.

"Where does magic come from?" Enkidu asked, waiting attentively for his father's answer.

"Magic comes from within, son." The father explained.

"What does that mean?" Enkidu questioned.

"I mean it comes from your soul." The father said.

"What's a soul?" Enkidu said.

"Soul, is what defines a person. Soul is one's conscience. It is the source of one's power." The father explained.

"What does any of that mean?" Enkidu said, confused.

"Soul is something every sentient being has. It is the very foundation on which sentience can exist. Soul is someone's essence and is essential to one's existence." The father explained. "Without soul, there is no consciousness, no awareness, and no free will."

"Ok, so how does that help me learn magic?" Enkidu said.

"Soul is the the power source of all magic." The father said. "Granted to us by the Almighty itself."

"Everything with in creation is moved by energy, as well as containing energy." The father said. "When you saw me project that ball of fire, how did you think I did it? Where did the energy to cause such a reaction come from?" The father asked.

"I don't know." Enkidu responded.
"It came from my soul." The father said. "I used my soul, as the power source to create matter. A soul is pure energy, one simply needs to convert that energy into something useful."

"I still don't understand, how does someone channel soul? I can't even see it!" Enkidu responded.

"Well son, noone can simply touch their soul just by seeing someone else do it. There are certain conditions that need to be met." The father said.

"What are those conditions?" Enkidu asked.

"Well son that depends on you, everyone taps into their own soul in a different way. Sometimes it happens randomly, sometimes during combat. In some rare cases one may need to be struck with magic." The father explained.

"Oh darn, so does that mean I have to wait before you teach me anything?" Enkidu asked.

"Unfortunately, yes son," the father answered. "Well it's time to head back inside for dinner. I don't want to keep your mother waiting."

"Ok father, though I am still bummed out about not learning magic today. Enkidu said.

"Be patient son, when you have learned to access your soul, then we can begin." The father said.

"Wait, Do you hear that?" The father said.

"Hear what?" Enkidu responded.

"The whistling." The father answered.

Suddenly, the clouds parted and a large meteorite came crashing down in the center of the field, followed by a massive explosion.

"Get down son!" The father shouted.

"Father, what's going on?" Enkidu said, panic gripping his heart.

"War, son. War has begun." The father responded.

"Son go inside and grab your mother!" The father said.

"What will you do?" Enkidu questioned.

"I will grab supplies." The father said.

Enkidu ran towards the house calling for his mother. As he ran he could hear the shouting of people in the distance. He turned his head to see who was speaking, but just then he slammed into someone and fell back.

The tall man stood before Enkidu, blocking his path. The man wore black armor of Olympian design, adorned with a red cape.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Enkidu screamed.

"We want resources, and I just found some." The man said.

The man proceeded to backhand Enkidu across the face. Enkidu fell to the floor, his face bleeding. Enkidu stood up, and threw a punch at the man. The punch had no effect. The man grabbed Enkidu's head and slammed it into the ground repeatedly. Enkidu was bearly able to stay conscious. He then grabbed Enkidu by the throat and lifted him off of the ground.

"Look at all this, to think it was unconquered." The man said. "You have had this all to yourselves for far too long. It's time you pay tribute."

"Tribute? To who?" Enkidu said.

"You still don't know who I am? You must've been living under a rock." The man said.

"Just tell me who you are!" Enkidu shouted.

The man proceeded to slam Enkidu back into the ground, stomping on Enkidu's body.

"Such disrespect, fine I'll tell you who I am." The man said "I am the conqueror of kingdoms, the harbinger of chaos, the God of war, I am Ares!"

Just as Ares finished speaking, Enkidu's father blasted Ares in the back with a lightning bolt. It had no effect. Ares turned to see who it was. Enkidu's father stood before Ares. Ares looked at Enkidu's father, before incinerating him in a blast of heat.

Enkidu began to cry, out of fear for his own life. He cried in the hopes that this was all a nightmare, but it wasn't.
Ares looked upon Enkidu and pondered if he should just feed him to the hell hounds.

"I'll give you credit. You tried to fight back, I can respect that. I'll leave you here as a sign of that respect." Ares said.

Ares's army marched on and left the land. Enkidu passed out, staring at the darkened horizon.

As the the sun rose. Enkidu woke up in the open field, broken, beaten, and bruised.

He began to reminisce over everything that once was, the home that stood atop the small green hill, the farm house and field that were at the bottom of the hill, the fence that spanned the entire field, and finally the peaceful forest not too far from the farm house. He could see what it had become, the house reduced to to a pile of ash, the field burnt to a crisp with craters littering the area, and finaly the forest which now resembled that of a warzone. There was nothing for Enkidu here, only rubble and memories to mourn over.

"God, how could this happen!" Enkidu said in tears. "Why, won't you answer me. Father! Mother! Please! Anyone! God! I've never prayed before, so just please! Bring them back! God if you can hear me, give them back!"

The land was silent, not even birds would chirp this day. Enkidu was alone, left with his thoughts.

Enkidu lingered upon these feelings, soon his sadness turned to rage, and his rage turned to ambition.
Through his pain, Enkidu had gained new insight, he would strike down the Gods who sit upon their thrones on high, and forge a new age, an age of independence, an age of Mortals, an age without Gods. The boy knew were to begin, he would visit Olympus, learning all that he could, gaining reputation among the people, once he was trusted, he would drain the Olympians for all their knowledge and power. The boy would continue this cycle untill he could strike down the Almighty itself. Enkidu's eyes, were no longer that of a young boy's, they seethed with hate,they were cold, unfeeling, and beyond them a bottomless chasm, that could only be filled with the death of a true god.

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