Come With me a mysterious voice said You know me, don't you? He opened his eyes, it was still dark outside but he stood up and slowly walked out of the tent to, the muddie landscape of Meotis. He could swear that swear that something was not right, the air, it was like rotting fish but smellier. Come, I whant to show you something He looks around again and again and than says: Who are you, s-show me yourself Come,I really have something just for you! He gets back in tent and grabs his axe and shield, than nervously walks out again. A bright light, brighter than the sun itself appears in front of him blinding him for some seconds. Then the bright orb of light starts speaking Come, with me Hunor than the orb disappears but a shining pathway is left Hunor gets on his legs and starts walking on the pathway. It started being more and more Dark to the pont Hunor could see than a deer apperd from nothing. The creature had a hundred pointy teeth than it looked at Hunor and smiled. Come with me

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