The_Gene's Desk

You walk around the library and stumble upon some torn up pages along the floor. You are curious and begin to read.

Day 1

I have just stumbled into the library by mistake, from a portal civilians were reporting in the town. I managed to get here, possibly The Wanderer's Library. I doubt it can be though, the entrance was too easy to get through, it was too easy to find, but I have been seeing a lot of peculiar people here. I must tell the Overseer instantly.

I have tried to use my radio but only static shows up on all stations. I am very worried where I am and how I can't leave. I need to request for help.

You are intrigued and go to the next piece of paper

Day 3

I have been wandering around for around 2 days now, I can't keep track of time, I am only making assumptions. I have come across multiple, whom I am guessing are, Serpent's Hand members. They may spot me and kill me, gotta hide somehow. Gotta find a way to hide, may I can find a book that can help me?

You keep finding more sheets of paper

Day ???

I haven't written in here for God knows how long, but I have been seeing someone following me, need to investigate further, gotta do something to them before they do stuff to me.

Day ¿??

I met the person following me, I called him Fred, he's my new friend, helping me everywhere I go, nothing can stop Fred and I. Fred is my only friend.

You are worried about this man's mental state and continue reading

Day something

Fred and I may think of a way out, we may have found our way of escape, Fred has been telling me of lots of different ways to leave, many ways, lots interesting, lots not. He was telling me to kill The Serpent's Hand, I may do it, if it involves me in leaving.

You find a used handgun and a page covered in blood, the page has The Serpent's Hand logo on it written with blood.
You join the paper together and put it on a shelf with the phrase under 'How A Man Went Insane' followed by, 'Pages collected from the library.'

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