The Helpful Outcast

One Man with a sword at hand
Tries to save the day
He fails and finds himself in a Jail
And finds himself as he lay
He wants to prove he is innocent
He wants to be the Victor
Prove he isn't Hellbent
And prove he isn't some rotten Trickster

How would he go with this you may ask
questioning the purpose
Well watch as you bask
in a magician's magical vortex
in the wave of a wand
you can expect him to be gone
down through the town
up over the mountains
past his bounds
trying to mount in
a world that doesn't accept
a world that doesn't like him

I hope you know that this is not
a fantasy of sorts
life is filled with lies
and different kinds of courts
some of them are kind
others not so much
know that if your an outcast
Someone loves you much
Know that if you are convicted
yet you are innocent
help others and you will be depicted
as a man who didn't let others define him

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