The Hope Of A Lost Friend: An SCP 999 Tale in its perspective.

Where Am I, I thought to myself as the rain poured down, I'm lost I ran away, I told myself as I started having brief flashbacks of what happened. I remember the loud sounds, and the screams…I remember darkness and seeing blood, lots and lots of blood…It was at Site 19 when it happened, I kept seeing an orange man…Finding little thin rectangles, and opening doors…I followed him and saw three men outside, they were telling the orange man to come with them…Then I heard a voice yelling about my friend, And then I heard my friends roars and loud bangs, Then I heard a man laughing and slowly walking towards the orange man and three men…I heard loud bangs next to me, then I saw 9 big black things in the sky and they making loud bangs then I heard a boom and I remember falling off the bridge of were I was, I saw fire and screams…And then I saw My big friend…What did they call him? I remember now! 682 So I started going towards 682 then A big orange black thing that made a loud bang threw me into a rock I remember it hurting really bad…So when I woke up I ran away into the mountains I saw a forest a big forest and I got lost…I was getting tired and it was getting late and cold..That's when I saw a tree with feet I was confused why a tree had but I didn't care..When i got near it, it made a loud woooooooooooooooo sound so then I ran away..Then I found this hole in a tree with comfy grass…Then It started raining…Now I remember everything I thought to myself as I drifted to sleep…(THE NEXT DAY) I woke up in the tree and noticed that it was bright out so I left I kept see small furry creatures scurry up the trees I also found orange black creatures go near me and start smelling me it was funny! But I knew I couldn't waste more time, I kept going and going I knew I had to find my home…Then I remember falling down a hill and hurting myself really bad! I kept here sounds go all around me…Then I saw 4 Green and black men come out of the bushes, I was scared at first but then I saw that they were being nice to me! One of them picked me up, and looked over at the other man and said, What site do you think 999 came from, Then The other man said who cares! as long as we have SCP 999, The foundation won't be able to lock 999 up anymore! They started and walking and that's when I saw a symbol on their shirts..It looked like a snake? lots of snakes actually. I wonder if they are going to bring me home….? {THE END}

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