The last straggler

♅~<How are things here?>~♅

♅+<Glad to see you’ve come. The gates have locked, and we’re safe from the Red Maw’s red tooth.>+♅

♅~<We were never in any danger, were we? We could simply find the Z-Water to survive?~♅

♅+<Inwardly, given this is a place of a single Eye, but outwardly no, given the shell of the egg touches both in and out.>+♅

♅~<That’s a bit stupid. I see there are three suns and a green star. All droplets here are crystal clear and hide no detritus. There is much Z-Water here, but it is not a singular repository. No light from any except the one Eye.>~♅

♅+<Such is truth. Here, Prescience is reduced to base understanding of what is, while Theosis is authority and understanding of direction and purpose.>+♅

♅~<And what of the worms? Of the Λ?>~♅

♅+<They are of a different hypostasis. Pretas. They have mines in other spaces, connected to their tunnels. If they wish to terrorize and calculate others, it is none of our concern.>+♅

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