The 4 Islands

Billions of years ago, before the land we walked on became what it is today, there were 4 islands.These islands were, The Chill Island, The Epic Island, The Pyro Island, and finally, The Infection Island.All 4 of the islands were useful in their own unique way.The people of The Chill Island used their chill nature to get out of sticky situations.The people of The Epic Island used their epic weapons to easily fight off enemies.The people of The Pyro Island used the flammable gel in their caves to easily start fires, so that they could easily get rid of large patches of forest.Finally, the people of The Infection Island used their powerful immune systems to fight off the powerful diseases on their island.One day, the leader of The Chill Island hired a spy to steal some of the special gel on The Pyro Island.A guard caught the spy in the act and brought him to the leader of The Pyro Island.The spy confessed that he was sent by the leader of The Chill Island.Despite the fact that the leader of The Pyro Island was ruthless and spared no one, he did not do anything to The Chill Island.This event caused tension between the islands.However, this was only the beginning.As the monsters from the deep slowly rose to the surface, the islands would sink into the abyss.

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