The mirror

Once there was a mirror.
The mirror contained life, earth, sky in many colors.
A mirror with a soul

The soul was gentle, warm and kind.
Made the mirror like itself.
It kept away all the dangers.
It gave life to nature, creatures, everything.
It made water so clear that it didn't reflect light.
It made made lands so immense that you couldn't see its horizon, but you couldn't get lost either.

The soul also created four deities.
Deities named love, harmony, growth and knowledge.
Love became kindness of the mirror , made everything live with grace and compassion.
Harmony became order of the mirror, made life flow without a scratch.
Growth became nature of the mirror, made sprouts grow and creatures live.
Knowledge became memory of mirror, kept everything that happened in paradise.

Soul was a blessing.
The soul was a miracle from endless skies and waters.
But one night, soul felt something.
Something that should not exist.

The thing had arrived.
It took away all life it touched. It took away all love it touched.
It took away the paradise.
The thing was like a disease to the realm.
The thing consumed everything it contacted, made them shattered, broken, rotten.
Every extraordinary beauty consumed by the thing lost its grace.

The thing had many names.
Love called it hatred.
Harmony called it chaos.
Knowledge called it ignorance.
Growth called it decay.

Soul ordered deities to protect the mirror.
Wars emerged to protect paradise from the thing.
Harmony went mad, became the thing it fought.
Growth worked harder.
Made the thing grow faster.
Knowledge tried to find a solution to protect the mirror.
It fell into ignorance, made the thing stronger.
Love fought with everything it had.
It died to protect kindness of the mirror.
As last resort, soul sacrificed itself.
Only then the thing was banished away.
But paradise was no more.

The thing shattered the mirror, made a beatiful dream a nightmare.
The thing made the paradise a wasteland without a life, a hell.
The thing killed love, leaving only hatred.
The thing killed knowledge, leaving only ignorance.
The thing killed growth, leaving only decay.
The thing killed harmony, leaving only chaos.

Paradise is a distant dream now.
No one remembers what is the mirror, paradise.
No one remembers love, harmony, knowledge and growth.
No one remembers the soul or the thing.

All our life was a dream, shall stay a dream.
We shall forgotten forever.
A broken mirror shall stay broken.
Only then, soul can rest.

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