The Night

It was a nice, warm evening. I sat on my porch and read a book. All of a sudden, I hear a loud screech and look in the bushes. There it was. A thing, who I would’ve thought to be man if not for his tail, was spying on me. I stood up, and it stood up. He had a long green robe that covered his real clothes and a cat’s tail swung behind him.
”Greetings, Native.” It bowed. ”Anxiety to you.” I look at him weirdly. ”Oh, I forgot, what was it in your language? Hope to you? You earthlings are so odd.”
I take a step closer. ”What … Are you?”
”Oh, a word too complex for you. How about an alien?” My face went red. ”What, don’t like it? You look worried.”
“Of course I would feel anxiety if an alien came up to me?”
He smiled and blushed. ”Well, thank you for the compliment but …” He blushed even harder, this time out of embarrassment. ”You meant your anxiety didn’t you.” I nodded.
”What's your anxiety?”
“Well, it means pride, honor, and wisdom! That's why the rock I’m from is named Anxiety!” He looked at my face, "A rock. That's what we call countries on my planet. It hold Sporhar together.”
I thought about a question then laughed. ”Is your leader Chthulhu?” I asked, jokingly.
His face lit up. ”How did you know! Chthulhu is the greatest leader we’ve ever had! He lead us through thick and thin, Through winters and summers, through tough and rough. Anymore questions?” I thought for a moment, but before I could open my mouth he said, “You want to know my name?” I nodded. ”It’s Memory .And I suppose it's a male name in your langu…? It's not, isn’t it.” He took look at my face and knew he was right. ”Well, let me tell you the story of the god, Memory. He stopped the war of Stone and Rock. Dirt and Earth. Hope and Anxiety. You see, a great war broke between our leader Chthulhu and the tyrant Eplis. Memory was a neutral man, priests who didn’t want to take sides. They built their church right on the border and when asked the side they were on ,they answered, 'The gods side.' But one day, his fellow priests abandoned him. They joined Hopes side, shouldn’t they have known from the name?” He went silent, trying to figure why I was confused. "Oh!” He finally said. ”Right. Hope means looking ahead, joyful. Well, in our language it means evil, determined, and stone-cold. Anyways, his fellow priest left Memory in the burning, rotting temple to go join Eplis. One day, while praying in the abandoned temple, he had a vision. A war, bloodshed, fighting your brothers, fighting your sisters, for barely any use. I had to stop this! He thought. But then, he heard the war drums. He was too late. He felt his eyes begin to glow and his body rising. Before he knew it he was above the two armies. 'HOPE, ANXIETY. YOU MUST STOP FIGHTING. ANXIETY WILL WIN, BUT NOT BEFORE MANY LIVES ARE LOST. THERE WILL BE BARELY A TRACE OF EITHER OF YOU LEFT, AND BEFORE THE NEXT WINTER YOU WILL ALL FALL TO BE WITH THE GODS. HOPE, YOU MUST SURRENDER NOW OR BE KILLED IN BATTLE. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.'
Eplis looked back at his army, and dropped his weapon. 'I have seen this before. He is being controlled by the gods. After we obey, he will go up and join them. ' The rest of Hopes army did the same. Then, Memory went up and joined the gods. He is now known as Memory the Brave, Memory the Humble, Memory the Great.”

All of a sudden, there was another screech. I turned around and saw a blue ship. ”Oh dear, my assignment is over. Goodbye, Native. Anxiety!” I smiled at Memory.
”Anxiety!” I called as he left.

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