J.R. The Serpent Scribe

An Ineffectual Perspective

Let me be frank for a moment: Many of these perspectives are just absurd.

In this world— the real world— it's easily twice as dangerous, twice as large, twice as strange and yet… at the same time, it isn't. Each bloc has their own philosophy.

"Let's abolish them."

"Let's suppress them."

"Let's sell them."

"Let's use them."

Typical, really. Once someone sees how awesome something can truly be they instantly want to either kill it, restrain it or use it to gain even more power. Thus, is the nature of humankind against that they lack the ability to understand. Uncertainty stirs the fear within us. But, of course, that's not something to put to shame - it's just nature.

However, they don't stop and think. None of them do. They try to understand, at least, some of them do. Where the Jailers would ask these questions, those like the Bookburners instinctively pursue such annihilation which would feasibly be comparable to a sort of genocide as seen once attempted during the last Great War. They fail to recognize the unbelievable, and their only course of action is not to answer the simple, base questions that might be expected from the uneducated. Why does it exist? How does it exist? They assume that it's some unnatural or wicked concept when it's merely supernatural. Instead of asking why, it should simply come to be accepted. For all one knows and understands it could quite plainly be the incomprehensible constituent of nature itself. As such, why should we treat the more innocuous parts of it with such hostility?

That is what another group subscribes themselves to. Those who I am employed to now. Of course, once being a Jailer, there is no penitence to be seen of me. It was on my word that I was embraced into their ranks. I am a Serpent now. While I first gave my regrets during my inauguration, I have grown to interpret and recognize the points they make on this topic.

Don't misconstrue these words, though. The Jailors, too, have their opinion to put forth to us all. Their reasoning is understandable in fear but foolish in the fullness of time. They seek to maintain their possession of the infinite and yet do so with such limited capital. Not only that, but also do they hold those who do not need to be constrained. It's futile. In fact, there are those that they hold who would doubtlessly recognize their reasons of fear for the viscous and give them their own contribution. Notwithstanding, they will continue to do what they do.

Being a Serpent-converted Jailor makes me consider. I see both sides of this coin. Both intentions. Both arguments. I see it in my own perspective. Why is it that we can't simply find some compromise? Restrain and restrict those who wish to do us obvious harm and employ those who would so willingly give us their service. It is a much better option in my humble opinion. Even so, the world will little note my voice in the matter. This war is inevitable. This controversy will not be resolved.

Be that as it may, it will not cause me to cease some escape of my ennui as I repeat this train of thought on paper. It is an ineffectual perspective, but a perspective nonetheless.

The world will little note my name here. My destiny, as it seems today, is to be forgotten in the shadows of this Library. I don't mind much. My voice was never really taken into consideration. My place is just an ordinary agent for the Hand, just as it was with the Jailors. As important as my role for them might be, there is no reason to further my name in renown. I do what I do for my own personal reasons– nevermind their own philosophy versus my original opinion. I do this for those I love at the exclusion of everything else, to keep my own flesh and blood from the toxic fangs of my recent fellows. Thy do not deserve to be looked upon by the ominous and glowering eyes of the Serpents.

My point– I may very well be biased in my assessment and line of thought. In spite of the fact that I believe my vision has become clearer, there is still fear within me of these things. As is, as previously stated, the nature of the mortal and mundane man. Therefore I, in my lowly place, am in no position to flaunt my judgement and ideology. Take my appraisal of this theme as you will; no amount of strength given by a humble man may move that mountain.

Maybe I would be so bold as to take into account the possibility of recognition. How would that change anything about the conflict? Even with reputation these words on this page are but mere ants compared to the prodigious groups I allude to. These proclamations are undoubtedly unidealized.

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