Fallen Angel

Was it I you preached to; not long ago
Are you the one? The one I do not know.
The one who makes Demons tremble.
The one who adores and protects the Humble.
The Master of the sword?
The one whe preaches at his own accord?

Why is it now you have turned from me?
Are you not there? The Master I Followed Faithfully.
Where are you now? What is it have I done?
Has the Apocolypse already begun?
Or is it over and now time for some fun?

Are those pearly gates shining so bright?
Do the stars still glisten, in the night?
Are the Women still weeping over your demise?
If you close your eyes.. can you not hear their cries?

If there was truly a Happily ever after, would there still be the sounds of children's laughter?
Would there be Lovers in the Night?, as the soldiers march to make their triumphant bright.
Could the lonely ones visit your house at night, to give thanks and praise for their joyous days?
Is this all just a Dream and when I awake shall My Soul be made clean?

Where am I? If not in the cursed land of a forbidden tree. Where am I? For if after my demise my soul shall be set free!
Where am I? Is this a Life? A Life solely made for Me

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