The Multiversity of Discera

This enormous, triumphant complex of learning resides within the Library and is the pride and joy of many of its Wanderers. It incorporates many individual colleges and trade schools from many different worlds. Offering certifications in every conceivable skill from anarchical architecture to alchemy, as well as advanced 4-400 year degree programs, it is a place where anyone can be at once a teacher and a student. There is always more to learn.

The musical field pervading this place carries heavy notes of inspiration, of promise, of potential. The future of the Library rests here, and the collected knowledge from so many worlds captures its spirit perfectly.

(Triumphant chords, big percussion, maybe a bit fanfare)

"Forever Learning"

The Crypts

First of the more sinister Librarean Locations which I will visit, and relatively safe despite the name, The Crypts are officially still part of The Stacks. But they exist, and there is no better way to say this, deeper in the Library than the corridors trawled by most Wanderers. Creatures of darkness reside among the shelves, and the books are often of subject matter many would find repulsive or depraved. Indeed, the Crypts are a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

I, considering myself to be a man of strong and honorable constitution, did not enjoy in the slightest my time among the Warped Stacks, and though I feel the result of my toils was worth the personal discomfort, I will certainly not be making a return journey in the foreseeable future. Enjoy the music of The Crypts, if you can.

(Low crawling bass, drip drip harmony, beating heart low-passed percussion)

"The Crypts"

The Food Court

The one wasn't on my list originally. But I was stopped for lunch at Grillby's when I realized, may as well record and see what happens.

Not sure what I expected, but it's a fun listen. And I was able to get something done while procrastinating, so that's a plus.

(Up-beat piano, drums, and bass, with sans talking sample lol)

"A Good Time"

The Basement

This one confuses me, because the Library Basement may not actually exist. I couldn't find it. I spoke to many Wanderers, collecting various rumors and hearing stories enough to fill a novel. But none carried any more truth than any other, and certainly nobody had a tangible location for me to try.

But something followed every time someone discussed what they 'knew' of The Basement. There was a musical energy that accompanied the very idea of the place. I have never encountered this phenomenon before, and so I thought I should transcribe it along with all the others. The following recording is a synthesized average of these energies which I came upon during my search and conversations. The file named itself during the render, at metadata level.

(Low menacing drone with echoing percussion in the background)

"Don't Look for Me"

The Medical Wing

The sheer number of species present within the Library, and the types of activity which take place within it's 'walls,' demand an enormous complex housing any medical commodity which could be dreampt of, in quantities which could could potentially cover the casualties of a war between rival galaxies. In fact, there was one occasion where denizens of the Library took it upon themselves to dispatch ⟟ ⟊⎍⌇⏁ ⍙⏃⋏⏁ ⌇⍜ (humanitarian aid) to such a scene. But that's a story for another time.

Within the complex, a maze in itself known to trap victims patients for years, one travels through every variation of "medical facility" they could possibly need. Need an occult ritual to cleanse yourself of an obscure cryptobiological metaphysical temporal antimemetic sci-fi/fantasy curse? It will likely be performed by interns studying that exact art. So long as you can find them. Need a bone marrow transplant for your Leukemia? It will probably be exactly as difficult to find, but never impossible.

(Don't know yet)

"The Safest Place"

The Babelian Catacombs

A sort of cousin to the Library proper, the Catacombs are an area where every possible arrangement of letters, symbols, and other transmissive media are contained. Permutationally many identical books exist in this area, arranged paeudo-randomly by equations so large as to need their own shelves. Where the Library exists to store meaning, in all its forms, the Catacombs show that the meaning is not in the language, the symbols we use, but that there is something more that makes meaning special.

Nevertheless, it is a very dangerous place, known to decompile emotion and useful information into mathematical constants and paeudo-random junk-data. The musical energy, therefore, is infused with explicit mathematical patterns, yet flecked with inconsistencies in melody, harmony, and rhythm.

(Arpeggiators, polyrhythms, 7/8 and 15/16)

"Consequences of Infinity"

The Staff Quarters

I might get in serious trouble for this one. I was not able to gain entry to Staff area. I wasn't even caught, the Library just wouldn't let me. Seems like I was a bit too… I don't know. Alive. So I did the next best thing.

I recorded the energy of a Docent as they were emerging from somewhere I couldn't make out.. She carried with her some idea of what it was like in there, and that concept sort of mixed with what it must be like in a Docent's head. I definitely, absolutely, didn't try to read the Docent's mind. And after all that, I've no idea what to make of the result. It's very… Stasis-like, and not much else.

(GoGo Penguin, simple piano and drone)

"A Third Kind of Person"

The Help/Welcome Desk

Due to the commonality of panic attacks, feinting, and general stress at the place which welcomes new Wanderers, and which assists old ones in distress, the thematic energy has been magically tailored. It is designed to put at peace those who are afraid, and to calm the restless heart.

I feel this recording may be especially tainted by my personal experiences. When I was a child, my mother would use a Music box to help me settle and sleep. Nevertheless, I believe the feeling of calm will translate to most who listen.

(Repeating music box pattern, with soft strings and a flute(?) melody)

This is where a lot of the comedy happens. People feinting, identity mix-ups, meeting selves from different realities. It would be accurate to describe the atmosphere as "whimsical."

The Head Archivist's Office (Currently Occupied by and Perceptively Adjusted for The Rounderpede)

Few Wanderers have been known to enter this place and leave again alive. Most entrances are saved for Necessary Intervention by the Head Archivist, these being cases of individuals who have perhaps not broken the rules explicitly, yet are behaving in such a way which endangers the Library or its residents. In such instances, the Patron in question will be summoned by The Head Archivist himself, for "a little chat." Depending on their behavior during the interrogation, they will either be set free, or… Well, not.

I know this because I was allowed entry to the Office for a rather different reason. Rounder's (I'm allowed to call him that now) interest in my project, coupled with many heaps of compliments gained me the opportunity for a friendly interview. I took the opportunity to make this recording of the thematic energy of the place. It was still very scary, which probably explains the G# Minor.

(Switches back and forth between menacing and cheerful)

"I'll Break Your Legs"

The Nest and Residence of Derek the Bird Plant Monster, known in an ancient, forgotten tongue as Lintukasvihirviö

This wasn't originally on my list, but due to popular request I made the climb and recorded the area's thematic field. Actually, I made the climb three times, squawked at angrily each time by the enormous Derek. Before the first attempt I was advised to bring chocolate as an offering, and it worked long enough for me to take this. However, I was sure not to overstay my welcome. Derek seems quite antisocial.

As for the resulting music, I won't even try to describe it. The alienness of the being in question seems to have defeated the cultural translation matrix I used in my device.


The Ways

I acquired this recording under very different circumstances than any of the others. I am not a being who can exist among the Way-Fabric for more than half a moment. Hints and shadows of this music could be found at the entrances to Ways, but I myself could not be inside them in such a way as to gain a proper recording.

Fortunately, I count myself among the few true friends of The Magpies, having a very good sense of what they might find interesting and procuring items from worlds which they would not bother to check. I entrusted my device to one of their number (after making it appear suitably mundane), and they went among the Way-Fabric to record. Of course, now I owe them, but I believe it was worth it.

(Interstellar, Organ runs)

"A Way Home and Everywhere Else"

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