The sun was hot as the man stumbled through the forest. The shade of the trees did little, for the sun was high over head, and the foliage cast no shadow. He had had a path he was following, but he knew now that that path had gone away from him. As he shielded his eyes from the sun, he took another swig from his flask. Cheap rum wasn't the best liquor around, but it was the cheapest. It's not like he had the funds for a good drink anyways. Besides, his flask came with a very useful enchantment.

A gust of warm wind blew the smell of death in the direction of the man. His nose perked up, trying his best to follow this new lead. In his line of work, he knew to look for trails of beasts. Sometimes they left not prints in the mud, but a trail of pain and suffering in their wake. Sliding his flask into his pocket, with his hand on the hilt of his sword, he follows this new, dead, smell.

"Whatcha lookin at?" *SCHWING* He unsheathes his sword and holds it to the ready. "WOAH WOAH WOAH! Calm down buddy, i'm up here." Sword still drawn, he spins around, attempting to locate the origin of the sound. "Buddy, i'm up here." He tilts his head up, facing a single branch around 10 feet high on a nearby tree. "Up here buddy! Mighty fine sword you've got there, who's the maker? I might know them." It's voice was very nasal, almost pretentious. Despite it's kind words, the man took an immediate dislike of this animal.

He stopped his swinging. "What does it matter to you? I'm a World renown monster hunter!" Is what he might've said. His voice was so slurred it's hard to tell. "I've conquered many beasts in my day, and I will not be PATRONIZED by a small, woodland, animal!" The sun glinting off his metal chestplate, he almost looks heroic. Despite the fact he was trying to slay a small woodland bird for insulting his honor.

"Look buddy, I mean no offense, I'm just curious towards the whereabouts of a drunken knight in my forest. Unless you've come to slay the terrible beast Lady Iclecross has Bestowed upon us, I'm not sure of any prevalent business a man of your, uh, statue would have here." It's voice took an edge it didn't have before, like it tried to put a mysterious twist on the words that had left it's beak. If the man knew he was being subtly manipulated by a bird the size of his shoe, he didn't care. "Y'know i know these forests better than anyone else. If you need help finding that dragon-lizard thing, i'm your best bet."

"Let's go" Said the man, "I have a feeling you will be useful to me." He sneered.

They tredge on through the forest.

"Yes, Lady iclecross. I've seen many dangerous sorcerers in my day, but she has a particular brand of enchantment, one of evil and death. 'Tis why i need to keep my wits about me." The bird looked him up and down twice.

"Sure. And are you positive being this drunk will help?"

"For one, I am not drunk. I am simply using this as a tool to keep my emotions in check." He didn't elaborate. They traveled for a while like this. The fluttering of their wings clashing against the clinking of the man's armor as they both strode forward, the man's nose in the air, following this stench of unlife.

"Well, you never did answer."


"Who made your sword?"

"I'm not sure how that pertains to the quest."

"Ok real talk." They stop and hover mid air, eye to eye level with this man. "What all do you know about your so called quest, besides "Big monster". It looks like you're drunkenly stumbling into a death trap." The forest ambiance seems to stop as the two being stare each other down. "You stumbled into the woods, found a talking bird, didn't even ask me my name (Very rude), and now you're following me to go kill a terrible beast?"

"I know it can kill, and that it doesn't care about how. I know that it is a threat to all living creatures, and I know lady iclecross damn near DIED creating it. I know I could totally easily kill you, and you are now leading me towards the beast whom which I am going to slay. I have a trail I will follow, and I am forcing you to follow me for aid through the forest." The more he talked, the more clearer his words seemed to form out of his mouth. "What is becoming more increasingly clear to me is that you are just a bird, where I am a man, who has a sword. What help could you possibly give? You talk all high and mighty, but at the end of the day i'm the one wearing the armor and holding the sword."

"Uh huh. Go on"

"I know I can kill it. All you have done is invade my quest, question my honor, ask me the designer of my weapon and fly by

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