Trials in Fear

In Salem there was many a witch
Who were each about to face a trial
For their lives were far too magical
In the eyes of those in Salem considered normal.
And each witch would face her death
From the town folks' wrath like burning fire.

Salem never really used fire
To kill and slow roast a convicted witch,
But each one was sent to their deaths
Due to a very unfair trial,
Because the world of the magical
Is just too scary for those considered normal.

There were many scary stories about women who were magical
They could stick out their hand and control fire
Unlike the people who were seen as normal.
If you didn’t like someone, just call them a witch,
Tell a sad, traumatic story at the trial,
And they’ll quickly be put to death.

In Salem innocent men and women faced death
Because a little girl screamed that her cat was magical
The witch and her familiar were put on trial
And burnt by the social fire,
Spat on and screamed at for being a witch
By someone who would be later exposed as not normal.

Over a year Salem saw ridiculous jurors and trials
Lead by those who were considered the most normal,
Who sparked Salem’s fearful fire
And put twenty of “the devil’s helpers” to death,
Because the church hated people who were magical
And damned to hell Salem’s every witch.

In 1693, the end came for trials of witches,
Those considered normal stopped fearing the magical,
And not a single witch faced a fire and stake death.

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