A Remarking on the Sword-Quill Archive Patrons

You have found, doubtless, that above each shelf there is a bust of a great being who once did some service for the library. This may be one who is remembered fondly for a long service, well known due to an important duty they pursued, or enshrined for a single act of heroism. These twelve were chosen for their deeds so that their service should ever be remembered on the lips of those searching for a piece of knowledge.

Concerning Saint Martin the Blind

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Saint1 Martin the Blind stumbled into the library thinking it was his chamber pot, surprised to find that the room was much larger than he anticipated. He was struck by a second set of urges that overwhelmed the first—awe and sudden need for exploration. It was Saint Martin who taught the first Archivist the art of dictation, and it was with his guidance that the caecum linguae2 used in certain texts was developed.

Saint Martin continued his time at the library for many decades, until one day, searching for the library's chamber pot, he found himself back home. He was quite happy to end his journeys in far off worlds, having been struck by a deep need to use the bathroom for over forty years.

Saint Martin the Blind. We remember you.

Either personal recounting or another first person account.

1: Contrary to popular belief, Saint Martin was not a religious man. His blindness was actually caused by chlamydia.
2: The Library's own language of the blind, which grants the words directly into the mind of readers. Dangerous with eldritch texts and disgustingly florid with poetry, both of which are best avoided.


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1: Manual footnotes for flavour.

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