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Lyanna… she hadn't picked a last name yet, but she knew she was Lyanna. She had to be. She was, after all, Lyanna, as she had decided at 17 when her college application asked for a "preferred" name to go with her shitty legal one. Her legal first name could fuck itself. It could truly and honestly fuck itself, and the world would be better for the disgusting dick it shoved up its own asshole. Better yet, it could fuck Lyanna's legal last name in some sort of incestuous paradox. Whatever. Lyanna Nolastname, as her inner narration was about to say, was lying in a fetal position on a park bench at 11 PM, head resting against her backpack, wrapped like a blanket in her hoodie, eyes closed and desperately trying to fall the fuck asleep, when someone coughed.
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