A Short Time Ago

The cherry blossoms fall tonight. The silver splendor of the moon brings a dim glow upon the land. Soon the winter will come, and the plants will die. This is true for me as well. Tonight is my final night to be alive.

I have become old for my family. My eighty years have been fulfilling. I sat this night on a bench in my garden. It has been my life's work; the cherry trees line the paths with violets. I sat by a grave. It belongs to my wife. We were happy here.

We met in school, I was the dork of a kid trying to fit in, but my quirks set me apart from everyone else. I would always save my paper bag from lunch. I was a damned peculiar child. Carry was the popular one, always with another guy every week, but I was dead in love with her. Her waist length blonde hair would catch my attention even from across the school stadium. Her wild green eyes could pierce your being. When she looked at me she set my soul ablaze with desire, shame, and envy.

I worked up the courage to talked to her only once during our school days. I couldn't stop my hands from shaking. I walked up to her in the hallway. Carry smiled at me. That smile was so warm and inviting, it felt like a blessing to see it. My heart stopped at that moment though. A lump formed in my throat, I went bright red, and I turned straight around and walked away. Everyone and I mean everyone turned to laugh. Well everyone, but Carry. She chased after me, tapped me on the shoulder, and asked if I would like to go to prom with her. As quick as a I could I shouted, "Yes!" That was when she chuckled at me and walked away.

That prom is when we had our first kiss. We danced for what felt like hours when someone bumped into her while trying to get to the drinks. She fell forward into my arms, which happened to knock me to the ground. I was stunned, my perfect night with my perfect girl ruined by some person who was clumsy. Carry Apologized a few times and then excused herself to dance with some of her friends. Devastated, I left the dance. I sat slumped against a wall cursing myself, God, the person who knocked her over, my PE teacher, my dad, and a list that went on and on until my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of bare feet on concrete. I looked up and there was Carry, holding her shoes in one hand and her purse in the other. She tapped me on the shoulder saying, "Aren't men supposed to walk their dates home?"

I took her to her door and then it happened. Carry leaned forward and kissed me. Not a passionate kiss just a quick peck. It was the single best thing that had happened to me in my life.

Years went by and we miraculously stayed together as a couple. We married on the beach; we were going to live like Robinson Crusoe, no technology at all, just the two of us in our Garden of Eden. This was our mistake.

An illness took her. Carry's wild green eyes seemed to film over with death's cold embrace. She had me promise to complete the garden.

So I guess she is the garden, watching over me as I lived and worked. It was my last connection to her.
After her death people called me mad. I would never go anywhere; I was stuck in my world.
They were right I was mad.

Now I feel a familiar feeling as the night moves on. I sit on a nearby bench and pass peacefully. Death approaches, black robes of endless shadow hanging down, and scythe drawn. He does not look like a monster, more like an old wise man, weary and cold. "It is time" he whispers into my ear. "I know" I say, "I'm ready; I have been for twenty years."
"I have not come alone" He says with a grin.

Death pulls his pale stead out from behind my home. On the saddle is my beloved. Carry jumps off the horse and runs to me and I to her. we embrace there for a while, and kiss. I am whole again.

Tonight the cherry blossoms fall, as do I. I couldn't be any happier.

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