Wanna Cry (Potential series)

((This most likely is just an exercise for my writing stuff. Might be finished. Dunno yet.))

Hugo always loved the crisp, cold air that blew through Enola once a year. Besides the powdery snow and the ice it was an enjoyable time. It was unnerving when Hugo would watch from behind the trees to see children, scattered in the parks and approaching the wooded area he hid in.

After a few months of trotting away from the tiny humans, Hugo awaited the springtime. The families would stay away from his little den in the mountains. It never made sense how the humans would attach sticks to their feet and slide down hills, but it was a hoot to watch one of them hit a tree. Sometimes the humans would even take a hot liquid and consume it.

(( Alright I am out of ideas for a while now. Opinions and tips are welcome))

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