WIP Black Box
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I am the author, Dr. Brady I have always been weird as to put it. Like I always saw things that people never would have believed, but all of that changed one day, and that is the story I will tell all of you, the readers today. I was cleaning out a room at a family friends apartment, like any normal day to get money. When I was cleaning the basement I found a black box with a note on it as stated, **Do Not Open Before The Date of REDACTED The Box was so old, I couldn't tell what the date was it was like someone burned the letter since there were burn marks around the letter and the box. And that is all for background, Now the real story of the box is behind the next pages, Will you be up to read it?



The Box is any old black cube from the front but on the back of the box, there is an opening and a letter sticking out of the opening as the box is made out of a material I have never seen before I do not know what the material is, I will be updating this book when I find out what material it is,

The Story

The story is not complete due to I am still researching it, and am worried to open it since the day I have seen it, I asked the owner of the apartment that I was cleaning about it and he said that it is in there when he moved it and before it said 2020 and then randomly got burned off, while he was sleeping, the reason that he never told anyone was because he thought it was his fault for the fire, from his history and his name is Jake Stander, I will be using his name as JS from now on, I will be working on this every day and writing on this,

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