Wonder of Worlds Arc 1

oltets Book of Discovery
Chapter 1 [Title insert]


The body of Dakota Monray has been recovered just outside of her hometown of Franklin Town, North Carolina just off of the main road off of the Little Tennessee River Greenway Trail. The sheriff has the witness detained and in-questioning, as we speak, it was said that her skin was made of ‘Plastic.’
This is Helga with NCBC News.
Back to you, Jerry.**//

A place in North Carolina called Tennessee River; go figure. I head into the mall several patrons stand outside the tv store and toss around their ideas on who may have killed the woman; inside it smells of humid summer and sweaty people the air conditioner and vents doing little to the stench. Humans.

The mall is as generic as it gets big-box names on the multi-layered complex with a small hobby or misulanious shops dotting the edges; beside the large lap of the building is a small sandwich board sign advertising a Wine Tasting, A Magic Show, A Talent Show, A sale at a Pet Shop and the opening of a new store called Carmon’s Intruqies

Intruqies? Like mythical stuff; I have to check out. 3rd-floor second door down from parking lot D. I dip into the closest elevator and head up to the 3rd floor; I’m at least half of the way there from parking lot A, below in the large enclosed courtyard is a stage the talent show in full swing as someone who may have attended the Wine tasting or robbed a liquor store attempts to sing a bastardized version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I hope they fucking fall off the stage- the speakers give out shrill ear-piercing feedback forcing me to cover my ears hissing at the sound I dare he attention of a few bystanders before hurrying off. Fuck, yeah right no hissing. I mentally berate myself licking my lips try and calm myself I didn’t come here to murder people no matter how sweaty, and dirty and loud; no, no I have to calm down I’m on vacation. Vacations are meant to be fun and enjoyable.

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