The story of the Wonderer

1. The Universe

Within the night, a certain cover can be found. This cover exist only to help those who need to hide stay hidden, as well as allow a period of time to exist for all creatures of the day to rest. Many choose not to, and instead pursue the feeble idea that all things can be accomplished by pushing through and persevering. They choose to believe that by existing in a time which wasn't meant for them, they can accomplish the goal they crave. The night and day are in a constant battle for ownership, yet they have quite the steady pace. Under the shadows of darkness, anything is possible, albeit a simple transaction, to a rather devious intent. Basking in the sunlight of the day may lead to different results, though it's all in the same.

The gentle stars that twinkle in the sky cause pillars upon pillars of reflection to occur, each commiting a prophecy of destiny, all designated to a single person. A goddess which bathes all others in its holy light. Within those stars lie clusters upon clusters of hope. That hope is fueled by the underlying theme of trust. They don't connect all the time, though they have their bases settled. Sometimes, the line blurs in order to commit a point. A single infraction of the light may cause an entire breakdown of reality, leading to certain doom. Regardless, the line continues to blur, never thinking ahead nor behind, as it feels no need to. As long as it doesn't break, all is well.

Looking further, you may find even more out within that small universe. An entire cache of dark matter lay restless, constantly fighting for control off the menial space offered within the insignificant stars. They never seek to think ahead, they simply do whatever comes to mind at the immediate moment. For this reason, the darkness is regarded as idiotic, and tame. Yet the darkness does have its advantages. It can hold chaos, breed wars, stir up millenia upon millenia of meaningless destruction. The best part of all is the fact it can do it all without anyone knowing it did so in the first place.

As you continue to look forward, you begin to slowly get lost. The many universes beyond the scope of imagination, all perfectly aligned at the exact moment to allow such insignificant beings to exist in harmony. It keeps going lower and lower until there is nothing at all left for there to be deconstructed. You look further, and all you see is a blur of different universes, all of them in congress, deciding the fate of each other while scrambling to keep their own. They never stop to think on the smaller scale, they have more the enough worries as is.

As you begin to look closer once more, you can notice much smaller things within those universes. Sure, atoms are small, but compared to Hyfera, they are the scale of multiverses. But once more, the closer you look, the more you get lost within the complexity of how it all works, each bit scaling and constructing and working to make every little function work at the exact same time. It gets dreadfully dull quite quickly, and it never ceases. Looking closer only leads to more of the same, superbly complex work which is mundane and forgettable. No matter which direction you go, everything begins to fall apart, and nothing makes sense.

Never once do people begin to consider the impact they may have should they choose to think down that deep. They dig deeper, and soon, they simply stop. Going to far may result in you not getting everything you need, so that may be the reason. Regardless, looking at what lay in front of you has always resulted in the best conquest of action. You look forward, and you can see layers upon layers of hope, glory, yet at the same time, you can also spot despair, betrayal, and bloodlust. You can never ignore these things, you simply have to learn to accept them as they are and learn to live with them.

When you focus on one thing in particular, you tend to learn an awful lot. In this case, you can look towards a single function of a person. The poor girl, she was only seventeen, yet she was the focus of this story. Maybe that means something, or maybe it does not. A story has to be interesting, so she must be interesting. At the same time, an entire manuscript can be published explaining the differences between the different lengths of toes by measurements so small they seem arbitrary. Regardless, a young girl named Vanessa emerged from her study, where she was analyzing the different lengths of Glass Water Worms, as well as learning how they could propel by exulting through their cordexes. So dreadfully mundane. People like Vanessa need a sense of wonder.

2. Vanessa

Vanessa began to slowly walk her way towards the edge of the library, which laid directly outside the study. The library was quite small, though it did do what Vanessa needed it to do: store her books. The books she had were massive, some of which studied quite detailed reports on how meaningless numbers caused meaningless revealing meaningless information. These books had no wonder within their sparks, and no Gold Fish sprang from their depths. Regardless, Vanessa carried on with her reading, and she took quite the enjoyment out of learning how these numbers did different things. Would this information ever be helpful to her? Of course not, but that's not why we learn things, is it? Vanessa proceeded to put the book down, as she heard her stomach make a gentle growl.

Vanessa stood up gently, careful to not knock over a single book within her wide library. The ground did not shake at her command, and the shelves stayed uptight, just as she hoped for it to. The floorboards creaked, though she heeded no attention to the secrets behind that creak. All Vanessa cared about at that moment was re-emerging within those bleak halls. The door was bronze hilted, with a rich mahogany built and a beautiful polish. She spent no time admiring it, instead opening the door to reveal a chamber. The hall was lined with torches, and the wallpaper was a color of wonder. She did not recognize these thoughts, and walked passed the wallpaper without considering its colors at all.

The hall to the kitchen was quite long, which gave Vanessa time to immerse herself within her thoughts. The scope of what she could think of was infinite, she simply had to grasp the tools to get there. She began thinking about an elderly man, cursed to forever wander within a blank space. However, this thought did not amuse her, so she instead passed it away. The wonder this man would have evoked, but regardless, she pushed him away. Every bit of the man began crumbling around him, tearing away at the delicate seal within the scope of imagination. The man came to this delicate realm only to be immediately crushed away until nothing remained.

Next, Vanessa began to think of a small boy named Jake. He did little more then play with his toys, so Vanessa passed him away to. This boy could have built entire worlds with his bricks and hammer in hand, yet she saw no worth within the boy. His entire world started to crumble away, and a single tear streaked down his face. He was far too young to encounter this realm alone, and he only got to spend a single moment here, As the last bit of him crumbled away, a small smile formed on his face. He may have lost his place in this realm, but he was going home. A single tear streaked down his face once more, and then he truly faded away into obscurity.

Vanessa was still walking, so a final thought filled her mind. A single number, which could represent meaningless information in meaningless ways. This number captured her interest, so she allowed it to stay. It did little more than flop around, to dumb to grasp the situation at hand. However, as Vanessa began to approach the bronze-plated door made of rich mahogany, she slowly let the number fade away within her mind. As the final number lost its place within its realm, it did not weep, nor did it beg. It lay there, as it was birthed to inevitably die. The final bits crumbled away, and the number was lost forever.

The kitchen was filled with lavishes and tarnishes alike. Many ingredients lay at her disposal, awaiting a tender response from anything. Regardless of what she did, those food items will stay their, whether touched or ignored, and will deconstruct themselves slowly, until they rot into nothing. Vanessa strode her way over to the cabinets, where many lavishes rose to her pupils. Vanessa elected to ignore these lavishes, and instead grabbed a tarnish. The packaged item was a spell in disguise, and it slowly drained away at her until eventually she became what she is today. A girl without wonder.

Vanessa did not care for wonder, so she chose the packaged good and opened it roughly. A few crumbs swept their way to the ground, decorating the floor with a light touch. These crumbs would soon be sought after by brother and beast alike, though that's a tale for another time. In the meantime, Vanessa paid no attention to those measly crumbs, instead focusing on the whatever it may be in front of her. She devoured this tarnish in only three bites, satisfying her stomach with a single pump. The entire world she could have built should she have chosen to take a delicacy would never be discovered, but that did not matter to Vanessa. She had a project to complete, so she chose to do that instead.

Vanessa walked towards the rhinestone lined trash chute that lied directly next to the chambers. The chute was embezzled with gems, each sparkling their own mystical shades of color. Someone took valuable time to harvest those gems deep within the ground. Someone else took the time to cut it down into a beautiful shape. Someone thirded this recognition by enhancing the gem to give it a sheen. So many tiny forces went into a single small rhinestone. Each rhinestone had a story to tell, whether it be about its birth, its harvest, or its growth. Vanessa paid no heed to these tales, and ignored the rhinestones, as she always chose to.

The door to the chambers was not the same door which led to the halls. Instead of a rich mahogany base, a everwood base was established for the door. The everwood was natural, and someone spent much time harvesting it to perfection. There was no finish on the door, which made the door splintery. The door still had a spirit, with a story to tell. The outline of the door was a beautiful maroon splashed onto the handles in a messy way. The character built by the door was wonder, and gave hope to wanderers who gazed upon it. Vanessa did not see it this way. Vanessa planned to replace this single door soon, as it was not the same door she used for every other entrance.

Vanessa turned around on the polished floors and began to stride her way back to the doorway which led to the halls. The pattern beneath her was simple, and did not distract the eye. It was not tacked on, it was firm pointed and consistent. The pattern did not break, and did not leave any room for imagination. The floor had no story to tell, it was to rigid to be interesting. Yet Vanessa liked the floor, and could gush on about meaningless numbers related to that meaningless floor. Many found it dull, many more choosing to ignore her words, and simply pretend to listen. The wonder which was held in so many other places was not held within that floor, yet the gentle squeak it made was ear-piercing.

Vanessa inevitably reached the door, to immersessed in the meaningless floor to wonder, and opened it without hesitance. Nothing lay on the other side, as she had expected. She strode her way back into the hallway, and began to walk back to her study. Once more, she had time to wonder, and she needed to for the small walk. At first, her mind was foggy, but soon, she began to put concepts together in a way which made sense.

3. Thoughts A

The first thought that crossed her mind was an egg which was made out of cobble. The idea made no sense to her, yet for some reason, she pondered this thought for a moment. Why was the egg cobble? She asked herself. The egg responded gently, and did not try to cause harm to her.

I did not ask to become solidified.
My world is not the same as yours. I cannot choose to make the decisions which come to me.
My people do not like me, they considered me dull and ignorant.
They did not accept me for who I was, and now I am in this state.
I will not be able to return, yet I am stronger them all of them.
I have proven this with my will to live.
Yet, even being alive does not mean you have wonder.

The thoughts produced by the egg evoked wonder within Vanessa for the first time in a long time. She did not know what to do with this wonder, she had never experienced anything like this before. Without thinking, she threw the egg away. The egg faded into the obscurity alongside the other thoughts. However, the egg was not saddened by this factoid. It had done one good thing for Vanessa before it left, and the imprint it gave would not be forgotten within the future. The egg smiled as it tooks its final breaths before fading away into nothing.

Vanessa began to ponder certain lines which came back to her from the egg, and what they meant deep down.

My people do not like me, they considered me dull and ignorant.

Vanessa was angered by this line, but she did not know why. Many people enjoyed her company, and did not find her neither dull nor ignorant. Yet something deep within her made her angry by this line. Distant memories of a childhood where no one cared for her existence began flooding back. Then, quite suddenly, one year in particular stood out to her. The same year in which she got a single dress. That dress came from her friend, yes? She only ever had one single friend, but she cared for her more than anything else in the world. She wanted to chase the stars with her and create a new universe where only they could be together forever. But alas, none came to avail.

Regardless, Vanessa did not wish to continue to ponder this though, so she chose not to. Instead, she let her mind wander to the next line which stuck out to her.

Yet, even being alive does not mean you have wonder.


Such a strange concept wonder is. Wonder sticks out within the cosmos. It extends its graceful arms across the galaxies; invoking all who glimpse upon it the capability of creation and life. Wonder comes in many forms, and it imbues itself into man. Wonder drives all the forces in the world; without it nothing would ever occur. You don't need to be alive to wonder, but being alive does not mean you will always wonder.

The egg was correct.

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