I was frightened and alone. I didn't even know where I was or what happened to my family. I only could hear the sounds, sounds of steps, sounds of death everywhere. I warn everyone I could! I tried to convince that it monster was coming to us, but, hell! God knows that I warned everyone! My parents, brothers, friends, I warned each one and what they say? Naval, you're drinking so much, why don't you go to bed and stop to bluffing. but, yeah! You know what's bluffing when that fuckin monster turned you into cinders! Who is bluffing know! However, this doesn't matter know. I get up from wreckages of my house and see, I see the thing, it was walking, a slow, but death walking. It was going on to other places, other destructions, other devastations. It is said that the devil gives you everything in one hand, but take all with the other, I certainly know that I lived it and, upon know, my life will be ripped in before and after there blast.

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